Missing in Action

Have we told you about our recent work? Have we mentioned how rewarding our latest ventures have been? Nah, we ain’t said nothin family. That’s unfortunate too, because some pretty amazing stuff is happening behind the scenes and changes are on the horizon as well.

We’ve been in talks to expand the HBG for years and last year it finally started to gel. So far we have 5 HBG members who work within community to uplift, share and empower other women and men of color. It’s something we want to build upon and will do so by hosting an HBG Conference in September of this year. More about that soon.

In the meantime you can catch our members all over the valley hosting YOGA workshops, HBG Tea Parties & D.I.Y workshops. It’s pretty dope to say that after this long of a hiatus.


Stay with us folks!



Devoya Mayo is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

Get To Know An HBG is her favorite column to write.

You can contact her directly at thehappyblackgirl@gmail.com