Durag Hall of Fame 2016

Yo…we woke up to the news this mornin’ just like everybody else. The announcement arrived in our inbox just shy of sunrise. While we around here excited to share something to take your mind off the fresh hell that the election reigned down upon us all, we thought the best way to share this news should be straight from the source. In other words, we don’t wanna put words in nobody’s mouth, so we gone let the man speak for himself.

Below is the official transcript of Osyrus Bolly’s announcement that he would indeed be inducted into the Durag Hall of Fame this year. We here at the HBG couldn’t be more proud of our brother. We intend to follow up with him once he’s been in office for awhile and see about team bonnet’s induction this fall, until that time, please let a brotha know you out here appreciating them waves.


Look, we know times are tough and we know y’all resilient af, but you can still give props when prop’s is due. Waves require more than just a fly piece of fabric tied around ya dome so tight they leave marks across your forehead. They take dedication and confidence and for that we gotta reward folks. So congratulations Bolly, we hope this honor is just the beginning.

Peace & Hair grease,

Team Bonnet!











Today I received some of the greatest news of my life. Tonight around 8pm CST I will officially be inducted in the Durag Hall of Fame.

For 20+ years I’ve proudly worn durags to schools, stores, libraries, athletic events, friend’s houses, clubs, baby showers, shows etc and over the years I’ve collected approximately 221 different wave caps aka durags with no hopes of ever getting waves.

I rocked 2 tones, camouflages, 3 tones, long capes, short capes, no capes and dingy whites with no shame. So today not only am I honored to garner this lifetime achievement award but I want to thank all the manufacturers of durags.

I also wanna thank all my durag influences Wu Tang Clan, Allen Iverson, early 2000s R. Kelly, Dipset, Nelly, Cash Money Records, Murda Mook, Justin Brooks, Jamaican Fitz, Big Zoo Chillun, McClellan High School, Beauty Gallery, 50 Cent, Bokeem Woodbine, Bonz Malone, Eminem, Silk the Shocker, Chamillionaire (edited) and countless others. I do this for this for the culture! BIG BRO loves U.



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