‘A Dream Preferred’

It’s summertime so naturally I’m thinking about ice cream.. which got me thinking about a story I heard on NPR years ago featuring Devon Brown, an HBG (Happy Black Guy) entrepreneur, who made both sweet and very meaningful change in the city of Baltimore by way of Taharka Brothers​ Ice Cream. It goes without question that sparking cultural and historical discourse over a scoop of ‘A Dream Preferred’ (yes, that’s the name of the flavor. dope. I know, right?!) can be life altering.

And so today I wondered and discovered that to my delight, a film about Taharka Bros. premiered this past May at the Maryland Film Festival, titled after that aforementioned poetically profound flavor. Academy Award nominated filmmakers: Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing are involved with this project, so our expectations remain sugary high! Let’s hope a west coast screening (and some delicious pints) are on the horizon.

TaharkaBrosFilm poster via taharkabrothers.com | Filmmakers: Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing | Creative direction, Art direction, and Design: Darius Wilmore | Illustration: Nikia Kigler

You can listen to Devon Brown’s inspiring interview on NPR below:


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