Fashawn gets “Higher” & so shall we

Earlier this week, I read that the parents of Michael Brown filed suit seeking damages for (among other things) ‘loss of love’. It’s such a struggle to try and reconcile the angst we are all feeling in the wake of Michael Browns passing. The continued search for answers brings about many thoughts. For me one of my central concerns is that of the many black men and women who have lost their lives and within that tragedy are somehow portrayed as less than human. Once those deliberate seeds are planted the justification then begins to sprout and it’s an all too common scenario that we’ve come to expect rather than be repulsed by.

In his recent video, Fashawn (Santiago Leyva) provides a different narrative on black life. One that demonstrates the realism of being an unconventional dad. He might rock a mic for crowds at festivals worldwide, but he still likes to ice skate with his daughter. This is the stuff we are rarely given the opportunity to witness. While  It’s no different than what you would get from Fash if you met him at the local boys and girls club giving out turkeys during Thanksgiving, schoolin skaters at a game of skate or signing autographs in the mall on his off day. He really is that geniune and caring and it pains me that while many know this to be true of the black men in their own lives, society at large would have us believe these are isolated and uncommon. Because we curate this space with those ideals in mind we feel called to employ a wider lens, a view from the top, another level if you will… which is my segue in introducing  Fashawn’s latest video “Higher”. It’s from his most recent Lp The Ecology. fashawn-the-ecology

My last comment ( for now) is this. Representation Matters. What we are given and what we can provide are completely at odds and it’s imperative that we share positive, uplifting examples of black & brown men and women being mad regular, inspiring and sometimes even remarkable human beings. Because if we don’t…well…y’all know the rest.

Directed by Jerome D | Additional footage by Punit Dhesi.





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  1. Starr Lopez says:

    Dope video! Got me feelin’ all yellow balloons higher and happy : )

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