DJ Driis in the house

I used to DJ with my uncle at big African weddings as a kid, lots of Calypso and African music, the electric slide.- Driis | Source DriisFacebook

Nope, you’re not trippin. That really is Idris Elba behind that decks. When not acting, performing or generally just being so damn fine it’s distracting, he can also be found djing under the name DRIIS.

We thought it would be nice to leave you a sample of his sounds. You know…just in case you into stalking people you admire from afar and finding out what they do in their spare time. HA…just kidding. We don’t stalk. We research! Oh a word of caution, if you don’t like house music, this is not the link for you. I repeat, if you do not like house music keep moving, there is nothing more here to see. I gotta admit I was hoping to hear some of that Calypso and African music he mentioned playing with his uncle as a child, but it is what it is. Enjoy~




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