Meet Sam & Shaka of Art Comes First

I wanna be friends with Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, the remarkable minds behind the revolving collective, Art Comes First (ACF). You may have seen them on IG rolling with the likes of Yasiin Bey, The Sartorialist or the equally fly folks behind Street Etiquette.

One of the reasons I admire Sam and Shaka so much is because they have one another. It can’t be easy being that creative and stylish alone. I love the idea that they found one another and then applied that fire and galvanized a revolving collective of equally dope creatives. Wait…why am I trying to explain this when we have a video that does it so much better?

You feelin the Art Comes First manifesto yet? Okay, Okay…how about this then?

Oh, wait…you need this one too!

Alright…I think you get the picture. So yeah…Sam and Shaka are Art Comes First and I really wish we were all friends….





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