Suckafreesunday +/- List

Tulips+ my valentines day tulips (swoon units) are still thriving.

– i have the most reading to do ever.

– i haven’t put my letter writing kits together for the “Sho You Write” workshop yet. i need better time management…and energy!

+ it’s been dark and rainy all day.

+ i spent all saturday afternoon preparing thank you kits for a merci beaucoup dinner party for seven. funny the prep for treats took more time than the actual cooking.


+ bradley set an incredible table for merci beaucoup! each guest left w/ yellow daffodils and a package that included a thank you letter, ms soulflower mix, nag champa ( to burn while listening) and stickers because of course they did.

+ everyone indulged in a round of “share something great that happened this week”. whenever i ask folks to do stuff like this i always give props to judge cordell for introducing me to it. in that way, she is in the room with us. i should tell her that sometime.

+ botany & books gave me a brown paper bag full of lotions and soaps from bath & bodyworks, then heinz turns around and buys me an assortment of scented nail polishes. i must have done something right last week yo!

+ joy makes the best desserts.

– the right side of my neck from the base down towards the middle of my shoulder’s been in pain for over a week. i suspect someone has a voodoo doll that looks like me and a grudge.

– i have zero energy lately. if i don’t make plans to go out, i fall asleep by 9p.

DSC07436+/- i told joy about the zero energy situation and she suggested kombucha. yuuuck!!!!!!!! never again. i made an organic “keep off my porch” cat spray from orange peels and water and i’d rather drink that mess over the fermented funk of kombucha.

+motown night with kendall!

+ bar rescue marathon. don’t judge me.



okay..i think i’m gone leave y’all now, but before i go…how bout the song i’ve listened to over and over all week? i got my reasons.

if someone loves you back
don’t get in the way
don’t hold it back
don’t wait
oooh… don’t wait
oooh…don’t wait



one day


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