Saturday Morning Slow Jams

When I thought about sharing HBG Cartoon love I forgot about all the work I needed to finish in real life this week. Seriously, two exams, one presentation and oh sooo much reading, and that’s just school related.

Blah blah blah…nobody signed up to hear me complain about not gettin stuff done. Least of all you. I just had so much more in mind when I decided to share cartoons with folks who follow us on the interwebs.

darkwing-duckWhile I ponder extending things for another week ( so I can giveaway cartoon swag and actually post a blog about why the necessity to do so in the first place) I thought it would be cool to share some Saturday Morning Slow Jams with y’all. Starr and I found these last summer. They rawk…and if you didn’t think Darkwing Duck was from around the way, you need to revisit the show and then call Iyanla to fix your life. Hahahaha.

Now…let’s get dangerous!





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