Sunday +/- List



+ bradley’s allowing me to host a house party at his place, so i have something to look forward to this month. i should probably start tellin people.

– there’s a stack of mail on my kitchen table that i need to make look pretty and send out into the world. nothing in my soul is remotely ready for making things look pretty today.( yes, that includes myself).

+/- i get to meet someone i LOVE later this year. i rarely get scared to meet folks, but yeah. what if he doesn’t like me keeps rolling around in my head. childish…

– i’ve only had two conversations with my best friend this year. i miss having a best friend in the same city. i can’t even begin to explain the seriousness of this.

+ had coffee and an interesting conversation with a psychologist friend recently. she drilled me about everything. it was essentially top notch therapy for the price of a latte.

+  the zen hotel upgraded my room to a full suite last month. i wish life was like that weekend all the time. all the time!


++ made party favors yesterday for a 50th birthday party and got booked to do the same for two other people. giving myself bonus plus sign because i used supplies from my last wu-tang party. not the edible treats though. i ain’t tacky. #reuse #recycle #reduce



+ took a train ride to see valerie capers and mama c. best time i’ve had this year.

– i have soo much i need to get done. but i’m over here making lists rather than doing any of it. same as it ever was…

+ glad i  pre-ordered black messiah on vinyl.

– speaking of black messiah…i ain’t had one real life conversation about the release, the saturday night live performance or any otha thang related to d’angelo’s return with anyone. that’s just sad.

+ i asked a grown man to be my valentine and he said yes! but i wasn’t prepared for a yes, so now i need to think of something dope to do.

– i need a job. i need it to be part-time. i need it now!

– all this homework prevents me from reading for leisure.

+ it’s sunday. it’s suckafree & i’m happy to be here.


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