Happy Dwelentines Day~

You know what time it is? Yep…it’s time to share the Love. Love Ultra that is. Last year our Happy Brown Girl cohort Deanna Cope created the awesome Valentines Day Card you see before you.

love ultra by deanna cope 2

We quickly decided to call it our Dwelentines Day Card, because of course we did. I mean, it’s only fitting, his birthday is February 14th, I continue to have the deepest Dwe crush ever and lastly, who doesn’t like a good play on words? Right? Right.

Anyway, in honor of Feb 14th we’ve decided to continue the tradition of sharing cards with our visitors. Next week we’ll be sharing this card with some lucky followers of both the site and our Facebook page. We might even have a new edition to share as well. Word. Until then, enjoy the song that inspired last year’s joint while you think of that special someone. Mmm Hmm…




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