Imperfect Peaches Need Love Too!

I’ve always loved summer fruit. When you live in the central valley it’s easy to access, inexpensive (for the most part) delicious and plentiful. Because of all these factors when I go shopping for that 5 a day I rarely settle for raggedy options. I mean, I can if I want to, but why would I excitedly reach for a beat up peach when the pretty one is right there ready to go home with me? Plus, my mama and auntie ‘nem all got a story about a two headed strawberry or a questionable looking turnip that ended up in somebodies greens & is solely responsible for the dark cloud of evil that creep into their lives shortly after consumption.

Source| Intermarche
Source| Intermarche

What I’m sayin is I’ve never given irregular fruits and veggies the time of day. Until now, that is…I love the video below. It’s direct, smart and convincing. I mean, I ain’t gone run out looking for inglorious carrots shaped like people, but if one happens into my smoothie, I might be alright with that. Hahahahaha. Y’all know I’m not that bougieI’m just sayin. AnywayIt’s a beautiful day here in the nation’s breadbasket, think I’ll go find me a farmers market and give an imperfect peach a new temporary home.


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