What to Serve with David Bowie

Last week I opened my fridge and made a decision to try and act right again. What that means is healthier cooking options at home and less grabbing whatever I can find at the last minute like a crazy person. Since I’ve never enjoyed cooking I’ve also never developed a freestyle method of tossing stuff together. So I rock recipes often and modify as I go along.

Which brings me to What to Serve with David Bowie. This recipe was skillfully adapted by my friend Mike Burnett. When he’s not writing or performing or being ambiously vegan he makes good food. I don’t know that last part as fact I only know I followed the recipe (along with some David Bowie of course) a few years back and it came out perfect. I don’t do spicy so I modified with a sauce I had on hand. Anyway… I thought I would resurrect it here for y’all and maybe inspire myself all over again to do better and share the process here.

spicy tofu
Spicy Tofu

What To Serve With David Bowie-  Mike Burnett

I’m not being teaspoon/quarter cup specific because this is isn’t baking dammit. I always find I would rather have had more of, less of specific ingredients after following a recipe. Likewise cooking times are guidelines.

Spicy Stir Fried Tofu


1 brick extra firm tofu
1 head broccoli
1 can water chestnuts
1 Serano pepper, chopped and seeded*
2 cloves garlic, diced
Vegetable oil
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
Soy sauce
Dijon mustard

1) Cut tofu into 1 inch cubes and place in zip lock bag

2) Combine salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, 1 diced garlic clove, soy sauce, and honey. Stir and pour into bag with tofu. Marinate overnight or at least several hours.

3) Put on David Bowie Diamond Dogs. Boil pot of salted water. Add broccoli and boil for 5 minutes. Remove broccoli from boiling water and rinse with cold water (the colder the better) to preserve color.

Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs

4) Dice other garlic clove and set in vegetable oil on medium heat for a few minutes.

5) Add tofu and saute 10-15 minutes per side on two sides or until tofu is brown and “fried” on the outside. save marinade.***

6) Add chopped Serano and water chestnuts and saute for 10 more minutes.

7) Add broccoli and pour in some of marinade and saute for 5 more minutes.

7) Put on David Bowie’s Young Americans. Remove stir fry from heat and serve over a white rice like california basmati.

Young Americans

* Wash your hands at least twice with soap and hot water immediately after and for the love of all things good, please don’t touch your eyes.

** I was going to say this is vegan, but then I remembered there’s honey in it, and hxc vegans don’t eat honey. You could substitute some molasses.

*** Deep frying tofu and then re-heating it in the marinade and sauteed garlic + oil might work great if you’re looking for crispy tofu. As is, this tofu will be fairly soft in the middle.

I’ll end here with Seu Jorge’s rendition of David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel from the aforementioned Diamond Dogs Lp. Please enjoy~



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