The Sweet Spot

I’ve been all in my feelings lately. I don’t have the energy or the inclination to expand on that, but I do have some tools I’ve been using to cope with it that I’d like to share. So far, the best medicine for battling the strange feelings lurking in my insides is love. I knowreally Dee? You just now figuring this out? No, I’m just now figuring out that It takes all kinds, not just the stuff on the surface. Anyway, I say all that to introduce you to Agape.

In April of this year, My dearest friend Deanna asked where I’d like to spend my birthday. I quickly chose Agape International Spiritual Center. It was a wise decision too. Below is the link to the service we attended. I’ve watched it several times over since then. It’s powerful and important in that it speaks to all the current turmoil I feel being the sweet spot. The space between no longer and not yet. It blows my mind even now saying it. Butbecause I gotta keep it real, let me caution you that there may be a few too many musical selections involved for those of you just searching for the word. Outside of that I have nothing but faith that you will find something here to help you on your journey. That’s all I’m ever looking for. Something to keep me motivated, remind me that I am loved and that it doesn’t have to make sense, until it does.

Source Love Angeles
Michael Bernard Beckwith with wife Rickie Byars- Beckwith : Source Love Angeles
Agape International Spiritual Center

April 2014 Theme: The Boldness Of Wholeness

Sunday April 13th 2014 Topic: “Between No Longer And Not Yet; Enter Faith & Conviction”











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