Black Power Nap

Photo Source: Starr* Lopez (my baby boy . . . rockin’ the Black power fist. Proper.)

As my inner circle already knows, sleeping is something I do well. When I’m out, I’m OUT y’all. Whenever I announce my plans to climb into bed for a “black power nap” and throw up the deuces, my husband laughs. Let’s be real, my version of a nap is probably longer than most. I’m down for the count, duckin’ from Mr. Charlie for at least an hour (c’mon y’all, it IS a black power nap). But then again, I’ve always been one of those people who just needs more sleep so I can get back to feeling self-determined, refreshed, and ready to fight the good fight.

Last week, the sOL to my Starr* shared an article with me on said topic. Looks like I’m a stage 3 power napper. Which one are you?



Click HERE to peruse the full piece via The Buddhist Vision and see how you can optimize your sleep to best meet your needs.


HBGStarr*Starr Lopez is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

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