What’s in Jason’s Bag?

coconut records
Jason Schwartzman is Coconut Records | Source Stylecaster.com

I love records. I don’t think that information surprises anyone that knows me. I don’t buy vinyl very often, but when I do my favorite place to dig has to be Amoeba. Since the nearest location is nearly a three-hour drive away, I often buy my stuff on-line. A few years ago while doing just that I stumbled across their video series What’s In My Bag?

It’s an idea I can seriously get down with. I might not care what Television shows people watch or if they prefer Target to Wal-Mart, but I’ve always been curious about what people groove to. Especially if I like them. I thought it might be cool to start sharing some of my favorites from the series here with our readers.

My first choice is actor Jason Schwartzman. Here he spends time picking out vinyl for his then unborn child in the hopes of playing them in the baby’s room. I love the idea. My friends Mark and Michele did something very similar years ago when they decided to have Ruby. It’s that tugging at the heartstrings that made me opt for sharing this one first. Now, keep in mind. I don’t actually enjoy any of his choices, I more or less just like the idea of people having a belief that music can create, change or just enhance a situation. So, if that appeals to your inquiring mind you’ll probably enjoy this too.



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