Kenya still got a white man in her pocket

Kenya (Robinson) is an avid blogger, tumblrer-, and mischievous contributor to the Arts & Culture Section of the Huffington Post. She’s also the inaugural resident for Recess Activities’ online residency ANALOG and a recent MFA graduate from the School of Art at Yale University.

Join us as we follow along on a journey called #whitemaninmypocket

We haven’t checked in with Kenya (Robinson) or that white man in her pocket for a minute now. Let’s see what they’ve been up since last we spoke shall we?

Dec 29 2013

He tried to vote but to him there’s no solution 
Living just enough, just enough for the cityyeah, yeah, yeah! 

Dec 30 2013

If you had a choice of color/ which one would you choose my brothers? 

Jan 5 2014

And people in hell want ice water…

Jan 2014

Don’t appropriate. Appreciate!

”She understood what Emma Goldman understood: there has to be laughter and fun at the revolution, or it isn’t a revolution.”– Gloria Steinem on Feminist, Activist and Lawyer Florynce Kennedy.

All #whitemaninmypocket images are used courtesy of Kenya (Robinson). 

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