Every day the 14th! ( WE’RE OUT OF CARDS)

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th!
I don’t think y’all heard me!
I just want to say Happy Valentine’s Day!
Every day the 14th!
Can y’all dig that? – (3000 Voice)

Valentines Day 3000 Card #4 (Front) | Design By: Valerie Scott
Valentines Day 3000 Card #4 ( Back) | Design By: Valerie Scott

Sometime in late 2012 I hit my girl Valerie up with a most unfortunate case of the sads. If I remember correctly, I was on my bedroom floor with a pillow over my chest tryna keep my heart from hurting. It was just after losing a loved one and I was not good. Not good at all. But Valz is the calmest of people. Her voice is soothing like you want someone to be when you feel the ache. She listens respectfully and then tells it like it is. But more than that, she understands, because she’s been through it too.

On the day in question, I had the piece of mind to know that I wanted the ache to stop. I suggested to Valz that maybe if she and I worked together on a project to encourage the love, the love would come back. So that is what we set about doing. I sent ideas, and photos and she brought them to life. Like I still trip on the fact that she not only got it, she made the concept in my head even better!

From the start we both agreed that if someone was gonna speak on behalf of our hearts, it had to be Andre Benjamin. So what you have before you now is an assortment of Valentines Day Cards that we created in the spirit of having ALL hearts be well.

Here’s the insert that went along with the card:

The human heart has four chambers.  Two superior (the atria) and two inferior (ventricles). The atria are the receiving chambers and the ventricles are the discharging chambers.  Now mind you, I’m no woman of medicine, no voodoo priestess has ever bestowed her wisdom down to me, but I know when my chambers have been compromised. All the pesky details as to why, how or exactly when this took place don’t much matter because I can feel it and that’s all I can tell you.

It’s been my experience that when the heart is compromised, you can either ride it out or look for ways to realign it. I tried the first part without satisfying results. So here I am with the latter.   I called my girl Valerie up. Told her I wanted to make something. Told her all the reasons why and she understood instantly. You see her chambers ain’t working right either. I think it may be an epidemic. Anyway, we worked on this Valentine’s Day Card together with nothing but love in our hearts. That’s the reason we needed to do it, we gotta get the chambers workin right again.

The people who love us would certainly agree.  I don’t know if I’m explaining this right or if you understand that it’s important, so let me be clear. It’s important. Getting back to love is the most important thing of all. So here’s to love. May it reach you in the space you need it most. The heart. I love you all. Happy Valentine’s Day. ~ Devoya

Get your Valentines Day 3000 card while supplies last! 


Last year we mailed cards out to people we love. This year we’d like to send cards out to folks who maybe need them, but don’t know it. Folks who want them but don’t know us. Y’all know what we mean. If you see one you like, Paypal us $1 (to cover postage & handling) and we’ll send you two cards along with a heart shaped sticker (one set to mail and one set to keep for yourself) while supplies last. If you require more than that, message us and we’ll talk. Don’t forget to indicate which card you like and send your mailing address too! 

Here’s a link on how to send dough via Paypal even if you don’t have an account. This offer ends Sunday Feb 9th 2014 and is only available to folks in the U.S. International mail is expensive yo! Send payments, questions and or comments to Thehappyblackgirl@gmail.com

* All cards are standard postcard size. 

Valentines Day 3000 Card #3 (Front) | Design By: Valerie Scott
Valentines Day 3000 Card #3 (Back) | Design By: Valerie Scott


Valentines Day 3000 Card #2 (Front) | Design By: Valerie Scott
Valentines Day 3000 Card #2 (Back) | Design By: Valerie Scott
Valentines Day 3000 Card #1 (Front) | Design By: Valerie Scott
Valentines Day 3000 Card #1 (Back) | Design By: Valerie Scott







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