Notions & Pink Stitches: The Cute Jacket

pink stitchesHey Everybody! It’s me Christy! Or as they call me around HBG headquarters, Pink Stitches. I’m officially part of the team here, hosting my own column called “Notions & Pink Stitches” Notions are any small tools or accessories used in sewing. I thought since we don’t know each other very well yet, it might be cool to start things off with some remixed posts from my current personal blog. So let’s get to it! I call this one

The Cute Jacket

Good afternoon folks!

I’m watching Mrs. Doubtfire and trying to shake this dumb cough my huny shared with me. Of course he’s back to normal while I sound like I’m coughing for dear life. I’m all right though. I just had to complain a little. I woke up with a fever, feeling horrible. I blame it on the season. I’ll be glad when it changes. Spring and Summer are my favorites… Fall and Winter are NOT.
Okay, let’s talk about new outerwear today. Even though I feel like I’ve been through the ringer I managed to get in my sewing room earlier and make myself a super cute jacket (with the help of two extra strength aspirin). I kept starting and stopping because I felt horrible, but I finally finished and yes, I LOVE it.

Selvage 1
Can you dig it? I knew that you could. | Source Christy Packard

The Tools:

To make the jacket I used a wool blend fabric. I don’t know exactly what that is but y’all know by now I got it from Hancock Fabrics. I was going to make a blazer originally, but the fabric had other plans, like it often does. The jacket is a pattern from the book I mentioned in my last post, chic & simple Sewing. It’s actually called “The Jacket”. That Christine Haynes has some nice patterns, all of which can be modified to fit anyones tastes.

Selvage 5
The book calls this the finishing layer | Source Christy Packard

As I mentioned before, her patterns don’t include tedious things like buttons/buttonholes and zippers. But if you want them you can always add them. As a matter of fact, the next jacket I make will have two or three big buttons on the front, because I want them!

Selvage 3
View from the back | Source Christy Packard

This go ’round I also used the selvage edge* on the tie belt.  I liked it and didn’t want to throw it away (this is the second time I’ve used a cool selvage). They aren’t usually this cool, but sometimes you get lucky. I also used navy blue bias tape (vintage bias tape) because I assume I’ll be wearing this with jeans a lot and wanted a little subtle color. Well, I’m starting to hack again….ugghhh.gotta go.
Talk to you good people soon!

*Selvage Edge: The selvage edges are the outside edges of the fabric on the bolt….usually white with writing on it.







pink 4


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