Find out what you need & what you need will find you


Jump Jump Jump to it… 

I kinda love sending random texts to people. In my mind they aren’t even all that random. If you’ve ever spent time with me, you come to realize that I think everyone in my presence understands what I’m saying without my having to explain myself. It’s silly, but true. When I call or send a text that begins in mid-sentence with little to no context, it only means that I’m thinking about that person in my head and have decided to extend the invite so they may join me in real time. Pretty sure that’s how it probably went down when I sent Deanna a message recently. I think I suggested she come to Fresno, indulge in some brunch type options, read magazines and maybe even plan an hbg zine with me.  I love that she didn’t hesitate, rolled with it and said yes immediately.


Feelin like an empty cup

Upon further texting it became clear to me that we were both feeling a little empty for a variety of reasons. So, while I waited for homegirl to drive from her place in Visalia to my place in Fresno, I went about the business of finding something special that might help make us happy. In fact I‘m positive that’s what I said to myself as I scanned my mental rolodex and decided that hot tea would do the trick. Next thing I know I’m on-line looking for the address of Raizana Tea and not only is it in walking distance of my house but turns out they create a lil sumthin called Happy Tea!

Girl, that ain’t nothin but a Cosmic Love Note

Daniela Simunovic and Kim Thompson taught me that the above occurrence is called a Cosmic Love Note. Several year’s later it still continues to be part of my HBG vernacular. Where once I was lulled into thinking random moments like looking for something happy to fill me up and then seconds later finding out happy tea is within walking distance aren’t  “weird” or even coincidental. I now understand that having the faith that your needs will be met is supposed to be that easy. What it’s not supposed to be is weird. The trick is finding out what you really need. Once that happens I think cosmic love notes begin to find you & you in turn begin to recognize them.

Editors Note* Not that you asked, but just in case some of you are wondering, NO, I am not a witch. I know how y’all think, cuz I am y’all. Stars and the cosmos and coincidence talk make you feel like you gotta ask, so I’m doing it up front so you can keep on reading without worrying about it. Okaylet’s continue on now. 

cosmic love notes

My cup runneth over

Once Deanna arrives, we make our way to Raizana Tea Shop to investigate the happy. I gotta say, we had a pretty informative visit. Come check out my assortment of herbal teas sometime if you don’t believe me. We both swirl honey around in the bottom of our to go cups, thank the owner for his time, grab our bags and leave feeling better by the sip. During brunch we take turns talking and then listening. I was almost tempted to take out a pen and paper and scribble some of the wisdom ms thing kicked down, but I’ve been trying to keep my nerd level on low, so I restrained myself as best I could. In the midst of all this I keep trying to remember the name of a book I’d ordered from amazon but still hadn’t received. We linger over our food, sit in silence for as long as our thoughts allow, ask for more water and let the afternoon melt away. I find that a truly good conversation is often under-appreciated. Talking is easy, listening not so much. But when you’re willing to bundle the two together, minus all the everyday distractions, it’s a wonderful thing. Well, it is on my planet anyway.

vacation 033
Raizana Tea Shop| Downtown Fresno

Here’s where it all comes together

Once we feel satisfied we make our journey to yet another tea shop. We settle in, break out our bags of stuff and realize we both have Flow Magazine with us. Do you see the common theme here? We spent all afternoon filling our souls up and in the end we both find our Flow. But waitit doesn’t end there. Later that night I’m on my couch when I suddenly remember I never checked my mail. What do I find once I do? A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. The book I couldn’t remember the title of earlier. I crack it open and just about everything we talked about is held between the pages. Loss, emptiness, faith all of it. To drive the point home even further the next day Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday featured the same author discussing the book in depth! I’ve watched it on-line twice since then. It’s that profound. I feel like a different version of myself is on the horizon. I have lot’s of work to do to get there, but I got my flow back and I’m not afraid to follow for a change. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Find something that makes you happy | Source: Devoya Mayo

Thank you

Thank you to Deanna Cope for quietly & expertly allowing her art therapy skills to enter all the spaces we dwell. Dr. Meta Schettler for exposing me to the work of Marianne Williamson. Daniela Simunovic & Kim Thompson for allowing us all partial custody of the term Cosmic Love Note. Ara Nalbandian for being my twin spirit and constant reminder that miracles are real. Read Admire for a season of receiving without question. And lastly Jayhari Mason for continually asking how my soul was doing. Even when I am certain he knew I was incapable & uninterested in answering. Then this week, out of nowhere, he asked me again, and for the first time in over a year I was finally able to say it was doing good. Because it is.







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