I’m in Love…


“When I reach and touch your hand. sweet melodies began… ” 

When Mary J. Blige released her 1997 album simply titled, Mary I loved everything about it. The simple black and white photography of the cover was a die for and the music was unlike anything I’d ever heard from her before. The production was sleek, jazzy and reminiscent of 1970’s soul music  This quickly became my favorite album by Mary with “I’m in Love” becoming my favorite song by her ever. However, at the time, I didn’t realize that it was a cover version, with the original belonging to The Gap Band.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song or album by The Gap Band. They were an amazing group who made nothing but instant classics back in the day. Even now, I think Uncle Charlie can put most these young cats to shame with his amazing voice. And while I’ll admit that I’m not really a fan of his newer stuff, I am totally and will always be here for Charlie Wilson as lead singer of The Gap Band. How could anyone not be?

The Gap Band
The Gap Band – 1979

“I’m in Love” is such a beautiful song. You can’t love a cover version with giving proper due to the original.  I risk sounding very mushy, but I think it accurately describes how I feel right now. It’s a beautiful feeling that I plan to hold on to for as long as I possibly can.

Peace and Love!



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