Organized Daydreaming in 3D

I need more space! In an age when people use terms like “hoarding” and “downsizing” at every turn, I realize this need might be considered selfish and or overindulgent, so let me try and explain.

Growing up I loved to organize things, my room, the kitchen cabinets, my mama’s closet, you name it. When container stores became all the rage, I scoffed at people who never thought to stash their lives in bins before, but only because it’s how i‘d always done it. 

Can’t organize well without a proper crew | Source Brandon Jammal Renel

Over the years I’ve been a credit counselor (organizing other people’s finances) event coordinator as well as a community organizer. What I’m saying is I’ve always enjoyed putting things in order. It’s a manageable quirk that I’ve slowly come to love and understand over the years. I’m not a neat freak or someone that has to have everything in a certain place, I just happen to work and live better when there’s some order to things. Even the chaos. At least I think I do.


Working as a receptionist by day I currently have evenings and weekends free. This makes it easy for me to be involved in any number of projects I happen to think up. This also means that my home ( over the last few years) has slowly become my work space. Since I live alone things don’t have to be dedicated to one area. I can stage stuff wherever I want.  Currently though, the biggest project ( this site) resides everywhere. I have HBG shirts in the living room closet. Stickers, buttons and postcards are in boxes on my kitchen table and binders with outlines, receipts & magazines are in my bedroom. There’s also a file cabinet in my bedroom which I have to say doesn’t do a thing for the vibe in there.

amy sedaris craft room
As far as craft rooms go you gotta give it up to Amy Sedaris for originality. | Source New York Magazine

I spend a large portion of my life daydreaming about an office, more space or a place where I would store all my wares and work. In my mind this would make everything better. I’d have less of a cluttered outlook and could build in a more confident manner. I crave a new directive and in my mind a dedicated space for all the things I hope to accomplish in life would light that fire. Like I said this is all stuff I think about when I’m daydreaming.

But when I allow myself to dwell in that bubble for too long guess what happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I talk myself down from the ledge and go about my regular day as if nothing like that is in the cards for me. Whoa, I just realized I called it a ledge. I swear the self induced struggle is real y’all.



With the help of Pinterest and a free afternoon this past weekend I found some spaces that made me happy enough to share. Pinterest is sort of my daydreams in 3D. I’m gonna share some of the spaces I like most of all below. Just cuz I feel like it. Plus all the books say you gotta be intentional about things and maybe this is my first attempt…

hello san 1
The photo that inspired it all. One day I will explain how much of a fan girl I am of Hello Sandwich. But for now I will simply say this photo was taken during one of their paper workshops and I want to go to there! | Source Hello Sandwich
country living house of the year 2012
Country Living house of the year: home office 2012 | Source: Country Living

Since this is essentially an extension of said daydreams let me give you some context. On planet d this space is a hub for all things HBG related. Meaning we’d have regular office hours and meetings and we’d always be listening to Gilles Peterson.


Oh oh oheach creator and contributor would all have dope mailboxes because you gotta give some to get some and once a quarter they’d visit for big brainstorming sessions. We’d also plan events there for each of our respective local communities and host workshops in our super fresh conference room too.




home office ikea
Yep. I saved the best for last. Now imagine a dope photo on the wall and this is it y’all! | Source: Daily Dream Decor 

WaitI forgot to mention wellness retreats! You gotta feel me on this one if nothing else. I’ve always wanted to host an affordable wellness retreat for black women. As an organizer I was afforded the opportunity to attend various retreats over the years. But I was usually the only black women present. If there was more than 1 of us in the room it was because I was facilitating and invited someone I knew to join us. Also, none of those were based on wellness.

So in my daydreams we go all in and really hbg that joint up!  Whewthat was fun. I don’t think anyone other than Starr knows this is how my mind works and that I literally set aside time to build on these elaborate dreams. But I’m getting comfortable here with you all so it was gonna happen eventually.

Seriously thoif you’re gonna dreamgo big! Am I right? Who wants to join me?!





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