Gettin Merry Like Christmas

Winter is finally here! You know how I know?  Because here in Fresno the annual Christmas Tree Lane walk took place on Tuesday December 3rd. Sure I’ve been down always lovely, tree lined Van Ness Boulevard plenty of times in my day. But never on foot, in the cold, viewing Christmas lights gone wild for a two mile stretch with people who make me laugh.

Anyway, I got a text from my new friend Jerry on Monday inviting me to join him and some others in said festivities. I thought to myself, if Sunset Magazine can do a feature on this, I need to go to see what’s up. Plus y’all know I love weekday field trips! So yeah, I told him to count me in.

In true HBG fashion I enjoyed myself the moment I arrived at Jerry’s home until the moment I drove away. Here’s some photos as proof.

lights 019
First we warm up with food and conversation.
lights 020
Next we move on to libations.
lights 021
Gotta have sides to go with that chicken chilli. Mmm Hmm
lights 018
Some girl talk and wine.
lights 051
Lucky & Monique!
lights 033
I had no idea High School Bands would be providing music along our journey.
lights 040
The Crew had Santas Back Yo!
lights 026
You can never have enough Snoopy.
lights 037
Joy and her new friend!
lights 038
I had to for nostalgia’s sake.
lights 043
I was sanging Award Tour when Ome snapped this pic. Did I mention how cold it was?!
lights 025
December is my beautiful friend Ome’s born day month. If you see her, show some love!!!!
lights 044
After walking the length of Christmas Tree Lane with tons of people pulling kids in wagons, singing, drinking cider or whatever we end at the last house and witness this. Clark Griswold would be proud!
lights 048
When we get back to where we started each of us was given a stocking. We fill them with treats and thank our host for a lovely night!
lights 050
Joy deposits a small bottle in her stocking. Then another, and another….jk.
lights 047
We love party favors of the sweet variety.