Get To Know An HBG (Happy Black Girl)

Folks stay talking about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Once a week, we take a different approach and highlight the fascinating array of happy black girls and guys (hbg’s) we know and love. Sometimes we feature those we admire from afar as well. It’s our humble attempt at sharing the wealth of information that comes our way about great people.

I met Ms Jennifer Brewer by way of my good friend Audra Neal. We go way back, like I was still ridin the bus back then days. Audra has always been more like family than a friend though. You know how you connect with folks sometimes. Anyway, all her little cousins and such somehow got grown over the years. It happens quick if you don’t pay attention. The last time I remember spending time with her cousin Jennifer was during a Thanksgiving many years ago at her grandparents’ home in Hanford. Or was it Corcoran? I can’t remember. I just remember she was quick witted, self assured and ready. Now that she’s all growed up, I have to say, I clutch my heart at how beautifully she’s grown into all those same character traits as a young woman. She has two other sisters that I loves to pieces & can’t wait to interview for this column as well. Something about Ms Jennifer made me pluck her first though. Maybe her convictions and smile and overall hbg-ness were something I felt like we could all benefit from? I dunno for sure. Why don’t you get to know her and find out for yourselves? Enjoy~



Ms Jennifer B | We see you shinin sis!

1. Please tell the readers, who you are, where you’re from, stay, dwell, kick itwhatever. My name is Jennifer B. I was born in raised in sunny Fresno California.  I currently live In Tarzana Ca.

2. Do you wake up happy? Some days I do, but every morning I make a decision to seek God before I start my day.  In doing so I feel I have a clean slate and from then I choose to be happy, grateful, and kind. I miss the mark at times,  however every day I give it my all. I have learned that your happiness and peace is your responsibility, and if left up to anyone else you’ll be one miserable Mutha. Shut Yo Mouth!

3. What’s your 1st line of action when you’re happy and it unexpectedly gets high jacked Depending on the high jacker and their happiness jacking methods, I have  two things I like to do. If it is something trivial the first thing I do is laugh and brush it off. Haters Gone Hate! However If they really get under my skin, just TAKE ME TO THE KING *In my Cora voice * I pray, seek and receive peace and perspective on the situation.

4. Five things in your HBG “I’m gone be alright” Survival Kit.

The company you keep is important. Just look at all these hbg smiles & tell us different.

5. Share something you think the 12 year old HBG version of yourself would appreciate about you now. I would tell her that I have done most of the things she daydreamed about, well except marry Michael Jackson… I’ve traveled I’ve made countless memories with family and friends and I am Pretty Awesome

6. In your opinion, how important is the company you keep? Very, your mother always told you birds of a feather flock together, and just like everything else she told you this was the truth. Even if you are a smart independent (yea I spelled that out in my Lil Boosie voice and finished the hook before continuing to type) thinker, you are still susceptible to  the opinions of the people you value good or bad. I have seen this time and time again.

7. Anyone ever give you the side eye because they didn’t get you?  Or just plain wasn’t ready for you? Details… Details! Is an Elephant heavy? I am very direct, and I have a super goofy, fun, and over the top personality.  Usually the people that are cutting their eyes are boring and or wish they could let loose. So I smile back and keep the party going. I’m too old (but still tender) to let someone else’s issue stifle me. Chile Boo #TurnUp if you don’t like it #TurnAround and #WalkItOut! LMAO

jb 2
Hope House D.I.V.A.S Women’s Ministry

8. Any upcoming events etc that you’re involved in that you’d like to share with the folks? Not Just yet, my sister and I are in the process of starting a Production Company, but as soon as we are ready Happy Black Girl will get the scoop!

9. Last but never leastany final comments and or shout outs? I just want to say Thank You for this amazing and positive website. From one Happy Black Girl to another. (editors note: We do this site for you, and others like you. So THANK YOU girl) 

one day


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7 thoughts on “Get To Know An HBG (Happy Black Girl)

  1. Rumika says:

    Jenny….you are and have always been a beautiful soul and I love you and pray that all the desires of your heart are fulfilled. Loved reading this and you are one of a kind!!!

  2. Christy Packard says:

    I love it!…I can totally relate to being outgoing and folks just not “getting it”…I get it though and I say Yeah Baby! (in my Austin Powers voice) LOL ! :)))))

  3. Patches says:

    Jenn is my girl!! I love this interview! This is a only a sliver of the amazing person she is though. If anyone who reads this ever has a chance to get to know Jennifer further, do it. Your life will be better for it. 🙂

    1. Mus says:

      I agree with Patches! Jennifer is an amazing woman and friend. She loves everyone for who they are.

  4. erin brewee says:

    I love it…!!! Jenny you rock harder than ray band in the 90s!!!! All grown up n fabulous it’s in your genes though….it’s that brewer blood running DEEP… run n tell that HOMEBOY *n my antione Dodson voice*

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