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Pink Stitches w/ a basket full of notions | Source Christy Packard

Hey Everybody! It’s me Christy! Or as they call me around HBG headquarters, Pink Stitches. I’m back for a second week of hosting my own column called “Notions & Pink Stitches” Notions are any small tools or accessories used in sewing.  I thought since we don’t know each other very well yet, it might be cool to start things off with some remixed posts from my current personal blog. So let’s get to it! I call this one

To Sew or Not to Sew. That is the question.

Hello new friends! I’ve been sewing lately but I haven’t felt like taking photos, trying to edit them, etc…It’s just  been so hot around these parts lately. It just drains the energy out of you, and these poor air conditioners,  how are they supposed to cool down temperatures in the triple digits? Just today the temps climbed to 107 degrees! We long for sundown during our summers, not that it’s any cooler (it never cools down past 85 in the summer, even at night) but the sun has set and its bearable. Needless to say ANY water sport is tolerated and welcomed here.

Now let me warn ya up front. Today’s post is one of a more personal nature. In the past I have expressed in no uncertain terms that I do NOT like sewing for other people. I feel this way for many reasons,  but the main one is that people ask me to sew for them like I  have nothing else better to do. I know, I know, I can charge them for my work but I don’t want sewing to be “work”. Sewing keeps me sane, and one of the main reasons is because its for me and its a solitary activity. I love my “me” time and cherish it very much. But every damn time I turn around someone is asking me to sew something for them, and I mean from outrageous sh*t like sewing up a boot to sundresses.

Have sewing machine | Will use it | But only when I want to

It’s annoying, I can’t help it, it is. They have NO idea what it takes to sew something  and I know that they haven’t thought one second about it. They are always so quick to say “I’ll pay you!” as if they weren’t going to if I decided to sew something for them!! OMG!!

I did just recently make my friend of over 30 years a sundress and if I say so myself it fit her perfectly. She loved it too, but I have known her for over 30 years and she had no problem paying me just what I asked for. Another one of my friends has a pretty green dress she wants to redesign and you know what?  I’m going to do that for her too,  I’ve known her since high school. But these are my GOOD friends and I love them. But other people, mainly cheap people, I will forever recommend spending their money elsewhere. Because for some reason certain people believe that because something is handmade its automatically cheap.

The Sundress I made for my girl | How ya like that sash I added to it?

See!? I told you they have NO idea whatsoever. Hell a piece of lace can cost $30.00 a yard! I guess I just wanted to vent and try to explain my POV a little bit because I can definitely go on and on talking about this subject! What do y’all think about sewing for other folks? Any experiences, good or bad? Please share them in the comments section below. I need some unbiased feedback friends! Ha ha ha. Until next week then! **MsKRS**






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