Get a pedicure, get your hair did

Joy Graves is what I like to call an original HBG. Not only is she my oldest friend, but she’s also the person who taught me how to be a good hostess and that you can throw a party whenever/ wherever you like.

Last week she needed a pedicure and since she couldn’t make time to go to the salon, she set about bringing the salon to her. How’d she do it? Glad you asked.

First she hired our mutual friend Shauntel, who happens to know a thing or two about cosmetology. Next she called up a few girls, asked if they too needed some attention to the toes. Once she has a crew that would make it financially beneficial for all involved, it was on.


One by one each guest arrived on Friday night with various nail supplies and buckets. All were greeted by Joy (hosting like you knew she would) and an array of snacks, beverages and more snacks. Miss Thing really went all out and so did Shauntel, who whipped out a total of six pedicures in one evening, including nail art. It was definitely a relaxing way to spend a Friday. Clearly the message here is if you can’t get to it, figure out how to bring it to you!


I think the HBG should host the next one. You know, show up with some party favors and encourage folks to support the site. What do you all think? Oh, okay then. We’ll see… – devoya

Spa Day1
( L to R). Shamika | Hostess Joy w/ summer adornments | Shauntel gives Shamika a pedi | Monique models her summer adornments too.


5 thoughts on “Get a pedicure, get your hair did

  1. MMRichie says:

    GREAT IDEA ! I also like to foot jewlery. Count me in for the next “At Home Spa Treatment” Love you ladies.

  2. joy says:

    Thank you MISS DEVOYA,for the kind words, I really did need my toes done…lol I love too encourage sisterhood when I can . Ms.shautel was awesome in catering too us ladies .
    I would love too be apart of the next HBG SPA nite… im trying too practice what I preach…(HAPPINESS)…

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