Get To Know An HBG (Happy Black Girl)

Folks stay talking about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Once a week, we take a different approach and highlight the fascinating array of happy black girls and guys (hbg’s) we know and love. Sometimes we feature those we admire from afar as well. It’s our humble attempt at sharing the wealth of information that comes our way about great people. This week we have the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with our lovely friend, concert buddy and serious happy black girl…the lovely Marissa Butler.



HBG’s and Fresh Flowers go hand in hand.

1. Please tell the readers, who you are, where you’re from, stay, dwell, kick itwhatever. I’m        Marissa, born and raised in cow town Tulare, California. The agricultural center of the world! I’m a wife, mom, travel consultant, amateur photographer, wannabe fitness/health guru, dancer, natural coil rocker, product junkie, morbid curio & Piscean water absorber.

2. Do you wake up happy? Of course! I look forward to each day, of the ability to take in breath and being allowed to feel the emotions I do every day.

3. What’s your 1st line of action when you’re happy and it unexpectedly gets high jacked? My go to action is to first take the biggest deep breath I can, allow myself to feel the way I do for just a moment. Close my eyes, take another deep breath and release. This may sound like a long process but I’ve got it down to 3 minutes or less.\

4. Five things in your HBG “I’m gone be alright” Survival Kit. 

  • Remembering that I’m a natural humbler
  • Thinking of my late mother’s life motto “Everything happens for a reasonyou may not ever know the reason and that’s ok, just know there is one!”
  • Exercise!!! Hitting the pavement for long runs, playing Michael Jackson -The Experience on the Wii or getting it in with the big guys lifting weights at the gym. No matter how I get my movement in, it never fails to bring me clarity.
  • Laughter, finding humor in even the littlest things.
  • A long bubble bath, a must-do once a week for me.
  • A good therapist! Oops that’s 6!
Travel Consultant Marissa Butler on the job.

5Tell us a little bit about some projects you’re currently involved in. My hand is always in the cookie    jar. I’m always looking to be a part of something in any way I can. My big project right now is called  Chocolate Travels. I enjoy when my husband and I get together with other black couples. There is a sense of camaraderie and togetherness that happens. I believe that traveling renews a person’s spirit and when traveling with your significant other it only enhances the bond in your relationship. Experiencing those feelings with other couples can only lead to positive results. This group will be dedicated to enriching the lives of African-American couples. My dream is for this to be huge coming together of couples. How awesome would it be to be able to sit down with Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis (Resting in love) and pick their brain on matters of love and marriage! I want this to be more than a group I want it to be a movement!

6. Share something you think the 12 year old HBG version of yourself would appreciate about you now. Rissa (what I called myself back then) at 12, would appreciate that though things haven’t turned out as I planned or thought, I’ve still kept my strong identity. 

7. In your opinion, how important is the company you keep? I’m a true Piscean so I retreat to my head more often than needed. That being said we Pisceans are artistic and any good artist knows that the best way to find inspiration is within the mingling of spirits!

Can you dig it? Darryl & Marissa Butler can. Sho nuff.

8Anyone ever give you the side eye because they didn’t get you? Or just plain wasn’t ready for you? Details… Details! I always felt my Mother never “got me.” I’ve always been the one that questions why one must turn right, when left looks and feels just as acceptable. A couple of months before she unexpectedly passed away I learned I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was helping her work during an event at the local fairgrounds, assisting people with where to go and parking cars. While introducing me to a co-worker my mother said “Yes this is my girl, She’s doing this crazy thing with her hair. With her life she’s different and brave, I admire her so much.” I cherish that look on her face and her words daily.

9Any upcoming events etc …that you’re involved in that you’d like to share with the folks? Just my regular life… I’m currently engulfed in working on myself inside and out. My 2013 resolution was the word success. I’ve heard that the key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical.  

10. Last but never least…any final comments and or shout outs? “ … Who I really am keeps surprising me” -Nikki Giovanni.

Through all things keep smiling and surprising yourself HBG’s!!!

4 thoughts on “Get To Know An HBG (Happy Black Girl)

  1. Saima says:

    Loved reading this Post! You Go Girl! You Do You! Great Post and So Enlighting! Beautiful Journey and wishing you The Best Journey Ahead!

  2. Marissa says:

    Thanks so much Joy! I appreciate the love you have given me throughout the years! =)

  3. Shawanna says:

    Your always gonna be RISSA the sweetest and most energetic ill girl I’ve ever met. I’ve adored you since the first day of meeting you at cheer tryouts. I always admired your winning spirit and your pure talent. This post is sooo beautiful, authentic and inspiring. I am so blessed to have your loving light in my life.
    Your fellow Piscean,
    Shawanna Wanna

  4. joy says:

    Marissa I really enjoyed reading the positive things you are doing in your life….your smile is a reflection of who you are a true ….HAPPY BLACK GIRL…. CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY….and good luck with chocolate travels…..may it be sweet….:)

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