Relax yourself girl, please settle down…

The last few months have been mad busy. Lots of meetings, events and folks who required my attention for one reason or another. I’m leaving lots of other stuff out, but I’m sure you get my meaning.

Anyway, I’m all amped to have a week of doing absolutely nothing. In true Devoya fashion I’ve planned the doing nothing, but that doesn’t take away from its wonder and delight. Now I ask you…when was the last time you were ale to use those words all in one fail swoop and really mean it? Ha! You wanna know what I did on my first day of self imposed relaxation?  Okay…here goes.

On Saturday I pretended I didn’t care that my laundry was piled up and that my kitchen looked like I didn’t have good sense. I posted up on the couch for a few hours with remote in hand and proceeded to watch Royal Pains, random cooking shows and take naps whenever I felt the hell like it!

I should have been doing laundry. Instead I napped all morning like a toddler.

When I got hungry I did not bother looking in that empty box I call a refrigerator. Instead I grabbed my current favorite book, all the mail from the basket just below my mail slot and my purse. Then I headed out the door. I didn’t call anyone to join me because sometimes hearing a “No”, “I can’t today “ or even worse no reply at all via text  just makes me feel unloved. So rather than risk the trap of feeling unloved on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I drove myself on over to Whole Foods and ordered the best Tuna Sandwich ever. I always opt for the build your own sandwich, here’s how I do it when I want it done right.

Bread Game: Multigrain Whole Wheat

Spread Game: Yellow Mustard & Gorgonzola

Filling: Tuna (Albacore of course) // Cheddar Cheese (optional) // Roasted Red Peppers // Lettuce// Spinach// Pickles (always opt for extra pickles whenever possible)// Tomato// Cucumbers// and last but not least red onion.

Mmmm…. Talk about the best combination of goodness on bread ever! Should you ever try this yourself, I must urge you to include ginger ale, a cup of ice and a cookie. If you gone do it, do it right.

A letter from the Judge always goes well with a good lunch.

After I bought everything I went about finding the perfect place to sit. If I’m gonna have lunch in a grocery store there are some things to consider.  Such as, where are all the people with bad kids? Which table has the worst view? Which ladies look like they might talk loud, or worse yet wanna talk to a stranger no matter if she has a book or not? Once I located a booth void of all those things, I sat myself down, opened my mail, poured my ginger ale over ice and showed my sandwich who the queen of Saturday was.

It doesn’t take much for me to feel good. I hope this feeling lasts for awhile. Or maybe even escalates. I’m very cautious of not taking any good emotion I have for granted these days. Missing my grandmother daily doesn’t hurt in the same way it did a few months ago, but I still can’t talk about her without tears welling up in my eyes. I still owe more money than I ever want to write down on one of my lists and I still don’t make enough to cover a smackerel of it.  But the part of me that used to be hopeful and eager, kind and  inspired keeps visiting and I don’t push her away, so that’s something.

Because a good view is important.

In the end I just want to feel good, make a few folks smile and call it a day. Saturday was my attempt at relaxing and doing that for me first. Not bad for a first try if I do say so myself. – devoya

ps. Here’s the song that inspired the title of this post. Just in case you ain’t catch it.



5 thoughts on “Relax yourself girl, please settle down…

  1. MMRichie says:

    You’re right about the sandwiches at Whole Foods. Delish…. I just like the fact some else is making my sandwich. That sound like a perfect chillaxing “D” day. .

    1. devoya says:

      girl…you gotta steal the moments where you can. truth be told, i need to do it more often. thanks for reading and commenting by the by. it encourages me to keep on movin…

  2. joy says:

    my kind of saturday.. im in need a some me time , in the mist of entertaining other on a daily,Ive been finding myself feelin like a plant with no water, about to fall over at anytime….
    therefore I need too take ur advice about “relaxing myself and grabbing a moment …yes and ur lunch of choice would be top on my list… im a fan of whole food tuna…. going to add to my

    1. devoya says:

      as i recall you were the one who suggested i try whole foods tuna to begin with. so thank you for that. also, if i can help water your wilted little soul, please let me know. we need to be here for one another when we can.

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