The Art of List Making

I love lists! They make me comfortable in the same way that having an umbrella in the trunk of my car does. I might not need it, but I keep one around just in case. I find myself making lists at least once a day. Most of them are in my head. Some are on paper. Sometimes they’re about random things like this.

Top 5 Things That Get On My Last Nerve In Summer

Line of chairs beside swimming pool
Summer should feel like this. Am I right? Photo: FreeRangeStock

1. Putting lotion on after I shower. I swear I’m the worst at not wanting to clog my pores up with products after I’m so fresh and so clean clean. But I’m not tryna be ashy so lotion it is.

2. People who drive mad slow with enough space in between them for a school bus. My brother Keith calls that space real estate. Example: “Look  at all that real estate this dude got between him and the next car”.

3. Outdoor events that start before 8pm. Seriously…if it’s 95 in the shade, I’m probably not gonna make it. Try as I may, the heat keeps me at bay.

4. Feeling ALL the time get’s on my last nerve! I like Beer. Beer and Summer go hand in hand. Beer and Summer equal bloat, but what’s a girl to do?

5. Them folks who complained about it being too cold in winter & sat around wishing it was hot, suddenly wanna hang out now. No I say. You wished this hell upon us, you go hang with the Heat Miser.

Heat Miser always bringin that fiyah. Photo: Can’t remember source. Don’t sue me.

That was just a random list. I have legit one’s too.

Legit Stuff I Need To Get Done This Week

1. Contact Tax Guy Melissa recommended and have him go over the last 5 years with a fine tooth comb.

2. Update Resume. Wallets ain’t made to stay empty all the damn time.

3. Write a letter to my cousin Bettie. Her last name is Davis. I love writing Ms. Bettie Davis on envelopes.

4. Work on Gift Subscription Boxes for the site.

5. Clean hall closet out. DO NOT put stuff in the garage. Take whatever you don’t want to Catholic Charities.

I shoulda kept it real and put clean craft closet out, but I have a hard rule of only putting things on weekly lists that I think I can actually finish. That craft closet is a hoarders paradise and it’s probably gonna stay that way for awhile.

So I mentioned one of my list making rules above. I have some other quirks, tips, what have you, as well. Wanna hear em? Okay…

i love lists
I do. It’s True. Photo: ListloveTumblr

First off, what I use to write them with kinda matters. If I want to remember something I write down I make sure to use my favorite old standby the fine tip sharpie. I find that red or blue help me remember things better, but don’t let that sway you. I write down whatever it is I need, or want or have to accomplish with said writing instrument and it’s as good as done yo!

Next up is paper. I can write on any old kind of paper. Napkins, paper bags, doesn’t much matter to me. BUT if i really wanna  write a list worthy of losing in a grocery store and not becoming embarrassed by, I gotta give a shout to the lined piece of paper. It just lends itself to perfection, what with its friendly guides and all. I can’t even deal if it’s lined AND pretty. That’s just ideal is what that is.

Random Devoya List.
Random Devoya List

Last but not least is the method in which I approach completing a list. As much as I love making it look neat and colorful and directly to the point, is as much as I like completing it. So rather than put a check mark next to it or even worse nothing, i like to take my writing utensil and politely line out each task as they get the hell done! The order in which they are completed is inconsequential, just the idea that at some point everything will be lined out is a kick for me. Kendall once suggested I enjoy the act of crossing things off my list more than actually writing it. While I admit I do find it fun, I just don’t see it quite that way. It’s all the parts for me. The idea of organizing my thoughts and putting into action a way in which to get them dealt with is comforting to me. Sort of like that umbrella I mentioned earlier.

Real Life Bucket List. Photo: Devoya Mayo

I also like going back and looking at old lists and notes just to get a glimpse of myself from the past. As a little girl I would find my mother’s lists on the backs of envelopes all over the house. I remember most of them gave me stomach aches because they had bill’s listed that she couldn’t pay or people’s names listed that she owe’d money to for paying said bill’s. You know I just conjured that memory up while writing this right? Seriously, I’d forgotten that feeling. I was born a worry wart as the old folks say. I hold all my emotions in the pit of my stomach. I hadn’t seen the connection of worry, lists and youth until this very moment. Wow…just wow.  Okay, enough of that…how about one final list? Here goes…

Stuff I’ve Never Enjoyed Much But Gotta Deal With Anyway

1. Potlucks: Now don’t get me wrong. If I know you, and your hygiene is on point, I‘m all good. But let’s just keep it real. Some folks don’t wash properly, or they allow pets to roam all over the counter while they cook. So yeah, Potlucks are kind of suspect to me.

2. Small Talk: I love a good conversation. I crave them even. But don’t hold me hostage with a whole bunch of nothing. Or worse yet, don’t pretend you wanna have a conversation and what you really wanna do is talk about yourself all afternoon. Fake it a little. At least ask how my mama doin or something.

3. Crinkled Magazines: Nothing bugs me more than coming home from a hard day of survivin and finding that the mail man done folded my fresh copy of ‘O” or “The New Yorker” in half and stuffed it into my mail slot. Ughhh.

4. Feeding your critters when you’re away: I love food. But sometimes I forget to make myself dinner until I‘m all snug in bed wondering why my stomach don’t feel right. Now, how you gone trust me to do better for a cat?

5. Karaoke: I will go with you. I will even listen to painful renditions of songs I don’t wanna hear by the original artist let alone a stranger. But I probably won’t like it. Trust me, I just won’t. Plus, I damn sure ain’t gone join in just because everyone else is doing it. That’s called peer pressure in my book and I’ve rarely subscribed to that. I will stick to singing in my car or the shower like always. It’s better that way for all of us.

That’s it’s. I’m done. Go make a list of things. You might like it.- devoya

4 thoughts on “The Art of List Making

  1. joygraves says:

    I use to have a good memory , but as i becoming younger, I find myself in need of a few list
    lol….. so list making and I have now been dating…lol your handwriting makes your notes look like art on paper…:)

    1. devoya says:

      wow. thanks for the handwriting props ms joy. i only have decent writing when lines are involved. i think i might have control issues:) hahahaha

  2. Christy says:

    LOL!..I love this article….I used to make a list for grocery shopping but nowadays I’ve been thinking “aww I’ve been shopping for years I know what to get” but I always forget something because I don’t have my list….I have little notes jotted down everywhere around me; especially in my sewing room…I just copped something called Wall Pops; they are sooo cool…they stick to the wall and came with a dry erase pen….I love them….but as of right now they only have graffiti on them…hahahahaha!…btw, I feel the same way about all that you mentioned…especially that food one….I cant….LOL

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