Power Ranger Smoothie


My smoothie games been on Power Ranger mode this week. I don’t exactly know what that means, but I’ve been sayin it ever since I saw that You Tube video of the sista who was tired of it bein hot as hell.  Anyway, back to my awesome smoothie game.  It was pretty much an accident, but it was an excellent one if I do say so myself. Can I tell y’all how this delicious, healthy, energizing beverage came to be before I give you the recipe? Okayhere goes.

I was at a HBG’s house on Saturday, who happens to be part of the whole raw food movement. Well, when I arrived at her house I saw that she had bags of frozen bananas out and it just hit me. I am wasting all my pennies, throwing out delicious summer fruit all because I can’t eat it quickly enough.

So yeah, I came home and started peeling and cutting and putting stuff in baggies. Side Note: I do not, I repeat, I do not like chopping and or cutting but I made myself do it anyway.

power ranger smoothie
Just look at all that tasty fruit.

The results of my reluctant chopping were that I could easily toss everything into my Health Master Blender. This blender is serious business people. It was a gift from another HBG. **Super shout out to Joy**. It allows me the ease of making a healthy and delicious breakfast in mere minutes. So that my loves is what I did.

health master
Photo via HealthMaster.com

This particular recipe yields about 3 to 4 cups. I suggest you freeze the leftovers for another day, or put some in a container, seal it tight and share with someone who ain’t averse to feeling good.- devoya

Power Ranger Smoothie

1 cup of orange juice (I sometimes use coconut water instead)

1 frozen banana

½ cup frozen strawberries

1 fuji apple

1 cup of frozen kale

½ cup frozen blueberries

1 peach

1 scoop of chia seeds

Pour contents into a clear container. I find I like admiring my handy work better this way. Enjoy the deliciousness. Put some away for later. Now, form of an energized HBG Power Ranger. Gone out and mess stuff up. Feel good doin it. Repeat often. 

power ranger smoothie take 3
Power Ranger Smoothie in a plastic gelato container. Reuse Recycle Reduce!

6 thoughts on “Power Ranger Smoothie

  1. Shelley says:

    I am trying this today Devoya! Mariana looking forward to it!

    1. devoya says:

      i should have made one this morning. draggin myself around like a tom petty song. tomorrow it’s on! mariana will love it!

  2. Mario Macias says:

    Great story and recipe. I about had a belly ache from laughing.

  3. joygraves says:

    thank you going to try this sounds delicious… :)with this summer heat wave im going to need sumthin’ …lol

    1. devoya says:

      girl please. you gave me the blender, so it’s only fitting that i make some for you!

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