So what had happened was…

I feel like sharing a few snapshots of recent HBG moments. Before I do, let me just say that none of these photos are particularly amazing. If I had the gift of taking a beautiful photo I would be sure to share it with the world, but sadly I do not.

I mostly wanna share because I need to remind myself that good things happen even when I’m not feeling cute, or happy, motivated or even inspired. Y’all know what I mean. Sometimes it takes all I got just to get up and put on a decent front. So why not celebrate the moments when we do more than that? It’s time those small victories got some love too. Something will change, something great is on the horizon. Until then, lets just keep on being the best human beings we possibly can, and celebrate that on occasion too.- devoya

recap 2

My dear friend Connie Owens got hitched in May. I gave every excuse on the planet not to go. Then one day out of the blue I just told her the truth. I didn’t wanna go because I didn’t have a date. I know. Lame!

But Ms Connie’s a bad ass poet, so she sent me some rather stirring words about love and friendship and well…I decided to stop being lame and go without one. It was a beautiful ceremony! They wrote each other letters y’all. I would have driven to Merced for that alone. You know I had fun wrapping their gift!  Something about circles and pretty paper relaxes me. Yep!

Connie and Victor’s Candy Bar was a huge success with everyone during the reception. I was also fond of the yellow roses as center pieces and took one home with me as proof. Y’all know yellow roses are for friendship right?

recap 3

recap 5

I drove like the wind after the wedding to get back to Fresno for an event. I swooped by my house, changed and met my old friend Mikey outside the venue. We hadn’t seen each other in about a year. Once when I was going through some thangs Mikey sent me a text that he’d bought me a train ticket to visit him in Oakland. That’s another one of those cosmic love notes. Those are the kinds of friends I’m blessed with. I don’t even tell them what I need and they show up with it. It saves me all too often. He saved me this time too. I didn’t notice until I saw this photo of us.

light workers uniteOn Sunday I decided to gather all my old bottles and clean them. I put stickers on a few to see how they would look on tables as center pieces. I grabbed a pencil and started to design HBG table arrangement ideas for events that we haven’t even imagined yet. I like how spending time in the presence of good people does that to me. Okay…this is getting too long. I can feel myself spiraling into rambling mode. Thanks for being here for me to talk to. I very much appreciate it. I do..I do..I do.


4 thoughts on “So what had happened was…

  1. joygraves says:

    love your postas im reading your post and u speak of wrapping the present in circle paper and the candy bar and the yellow roses … I see how sweet your circle of friendships make you happy … it is a reminder of our purpose inthis life is embrace love from all direction…. friends are truly a blessing….

  2. Deanna Cope says:

    What are you talking about…you totally had a date! 😉

  3. Dayanna says:

    Mz.D, your keen eye for bringing out the pretty in things and life and your gift of spreading this beauty around for the rest of us through your various talents is medicinal. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Please keep ’em coming!

    1. admin says:

      I sure do miss you sugar plum. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your sweet words with me. You, your soul, your awesome family….you’ve all been pretty medicinal for me as well! You know I speak the truth too~

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