Coloring Books & Afro Picks


bun b coloring bookLate last year I like to died when I came across Bun B’s Rap Coloring Book on Tumblr. I downloaded some of my favorite pages and immediately proceeded to the copy center. Then Starr bought individual boxes of crayons and we used them as a Thanksgiving Day Activity. We even snapped a few pictures to prove it. (see below).

The Judge hadn’t heard of Tyler but she still nailed it with her coloring skills.

Y’all know we let out a Happy Black Girl ‘Say Yeah’ when we heard about the soon to be released Coloring/ Activity Book. It ain’t everyday you luck up on an Ice Cube Madlib or a connect the dots Nikki Minaj. Plus we strongly believe being creative keeps folks young at heart and whats more youthful than coloring?!


Although the book release is in September, you can pre-order it on Amazon for less than $10. You know I’m gonna buy one to color and one to keep.

Over on planet swoon Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson has also penned a book. That’s right my favorite drummer from my favorite band somehow managed to find time between all the many things he involves himself in to actually sit down and write a book.

Photo via Amazon

Now, speaking as someone who back in the day, downloaded and printed all his record reviews via Okayplayer just so she could read them in book form, I’d say excited might be an understatement. I cuddle up with his liner notes often and his not so secret celebrity stories has been a favorite go to of mine for years. In other words, I’m already planning where I’m gonna go hide and read Mo Meta Blues once I buy my own copy. Yes Yes Yes…finding treats like these is what keeps me goin when all else fails. Say Yeah! – devoya