The Celebrated Return of Saul Williams

Tell me you ain’t miss Saul Williams? That’s what I thought. WE all miss him. By all, I guess I mean all us folks that haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him perform live recently.

Whenever I read about him living in Paris doin ish brotha’s who’ve moved to Paris, but were already fresh to begin with do, I let out a heavy le-sigh.

This morning an email arrived in my inbox sharing all the latest news that regular folks like me have access to. All I can say is the man has been busy. The Movie Trailer for his latest film ( Tey/ Today) was attached so I thought I’d go ahead and share it with you all. See how I do?

Just for kicks I think I’ll add the last video I swooned over featuring his dopeness as well. He really is a force. Can’t wait for the film this fall though. It’s a very interesting concept. How would you spend the last day of your life? They’ve even built the question into the marketing and you can log on to Facebook and share your collective answers here.

Hope it makes it’s way to Fresno. Come to think of it, I hope Saul makes his way back to Fresno one day soon too- devoya