The Quick & The Crafty

You should never take a girl like me, to a place called SCRAP. It’s just trouble waitin to happen. Never mind that I already have craft hoarder tendencies to begin with. But y’all know I forgot all that once Deanna said the words cheap & crafty. When it became apparent that our field trip to see Black Star would also include a stop at an everything under one roof type situation, I was all in.

I grabbed a makeshift basket when I walked in the place. We were runnin late so I did this without really scanning the room first. Once I did, I suddenly understood why they call it scrap. It was honestly almost too much to take in, but I’m no quitter. I went on in and did the damn thang.

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By the time I handed my makeshift basket off to the little British Lady behind the register, I was tired. She greeted me, and then glanced over my loot. “Hmmm, how does $11 sound love”? I responded $11 feels right to me.  In the midst of all the treasures I scored was a sealed bag of kraft pillow boxes. Based on the theory that each item I purchased cost less than a $1 I think I made out pretty good on the deal.

At the time I didn’t know what I was gonna use the boxes for, but a few days ago I came up with an idea. It’s so simple it took almost no time to complete. In my book that qualifies as quick and crafty.

I decorated each box differently using an assortment of stickers, spray paint & markers. Nothing fancy, just what I happened to have on hand at the time. Then I filled them all with candy and a few plastic monkeys and elephants I had left over from a long ago cocktail party.

Bags of M & M’s or anything in that family of treats seemed to work best. I threw in a business card and an extra sticker at the end and tied them with twine. Oh how I love twine!!!  On my way home from work I swooped by my younger sister Monica’s house and dropped one on her patio as a tester.

Since I have about 10 left I’ll be looking for porches to bomb by the weeks end. If you can’t source pillow boxes, my guess is cute bags would work just as well. Sometimes it’s more about the gesture than it is the execution. palabra. ~ devoya

Brown Kraft Pillow Boxes. $1 for 12. Photo By Devoya Mayo
Photo By Devoya Mayo
Photo By Devoya Mayo
Photo By Devoya Mayo
Photo By Devoya Mayo
Photo By Devoya Mayo
The finished product. Photo By Devoya Mayo

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  1. joy says:

    its always nice too get a gift with pretty packageing…..:)

    1. admin says:

      girl you ain’t said nothin but a word. a pretty package shall find it’s way to your doorstep soon…

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