Afro Cafe Field Trip

Some years back, while taking a field trip via the Internet I landed in a place known as the Afro Café. Ya’ll know how I feel about presentation right?! Well this place literally makes me wanna pack my bags up and live in it. If only that move didn’t require such a huge leap (they’re located in Cape Town & Austria respectively).

Afro Cafe Photo via Hotel-in-Salzburg. at


afro place settings
I’d fall out if I walked in Target and saw a display like this  Photo via

The design aesthetic is everything I yearn for but don’t seem to be able to find in most places. It’s colorful ode to the Afro is just gorgeous. It looks to be the kind of place I’d for sure boost an extra napkin from or a book of matches. Yep, I know it’s tacky, but how else do you expect me to add depth to my dope stuff folks swiped for me collection? Shouts to Marisol Baca for all the SHAG swag she nabbed from Las Vegas for me that one time. Okay wait, lemme get back on topic

Afro Café is actually a brand that specializes in coffee and tea. They also have a beautiful Store/ Bistro as well. Here’s a recipe I found while browsing.


Photo via Afro Cafe


  • 1.5 liters of hot water ( about 6 cups )
  • 4 serving spoons African Chai Tea
  • 3 tablespoons honey

African Tea Chai can draw five minutes in hot water, then remove tea strainer, add honey and chill.

(PER SERVING, ABOUT 0.35 L / 12 Ounces) 

  • 4 cl cream ( how bout add cream to taste because I can’t figure this conversion out) 

Put cream & crushed ice in the blender. Add the cooled African Tea Chai tea mixture & mix well. Pour into the desired glass and serve w/ a straw.



Photo via The Urban Grocer

Now, I know what you’re sayin. Devoya, girl I’m fresh out of African Tea. Well here’s the link so you can getchu some. The packaging alone oughta have you just a tiny bit curious. If that’s not in your wallet’s best interest right now, you can always improvise with something you find locally. It’s all about trying new things really. Which brings us back to encouraging field trips, even virtual ones. On that note, I have no choice but to leave you with this tasty performance from Jamiroquai.                                                       Yep… ~ devoya