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Logo via Afrobella Website

Patrice Yursik is Afrobella. The beautiful soul behind the blog of the same name. If you’ve yet to check out the site, let me be the first to tell you her infectious spirit is everywhere. Although it’s primary focus is on beauty and natural hair, it also extends itself into other areas of life, which is what helps to make it such a great space to get lost in.

Recently I came across her Ted Talk on courage and it made me sit down and really think about some things. I honestly hadn’t realized that I’m more afraid than I am not. I’ve allowed myself to falsely believe that strength and courage are synonymous. Not sure when it happened but as I watched this talk it all became evident. The volume on this video seems to have been recorded slightly low, so my advice would be to turn it up & enjoy!  It’s worth the effort. – devoya