Ch Ch Ch Chia

Guess what I bought last week? Yep, my very own $10 bag of Chia Seeds. My friend Deanna’s been telling me how great they are for over a year now. Guess I’m more visual than I thought, because once I saw this graphic from I finally decided to spring for a bag of my own.

chia seeds

So far I’ve only sprinkled them into my morning smoothie. But the bag is huge and as you can see, so are the benefits of using them. I promise to let y’all know what I think after 30 days ( that’s my normal benchmark for newness). If you’ve got suggestions and or comments related to the joys of adding these little seeds to your life, I beg of you to share them with us. Please and Thank ya kindly in advance. – devoya

6 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Chia

  1. Deanna Cope says:

    You can try vitamin world or shoppe or gnc, might be a little cheaper… I just love these little things! I put them in my juice, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies… I hear u can make a gel out of them too and substitute it for butter in recipes and stir-fry… Go figure. Never actually tried it, but it sounds cool! I also like the Mamma Chia drinks at whole foods and just found out they have them at save mart now too!

  2. Carlton Langston says:

    Wow the way the internet causes one to meander sometimes is amazing. So I got to your site by google-ing Walk Alone because my company is Walk Alone, LLC and one of your tag archives was walk alone, pool players ect. CHIA seeds are AWESOME I’ve run 8 marathons in 4 years and they have helped every step of the way. I became familiar with them after reading the book ‘Born to Run’ and now they are apart of my diet. I keep them in the freezer to maintain the freshness. You also might want to look into Chaga it has a number of interesting health benefits as well and as you will find should you research Chaga the Russians and Chinese have been using it for centuries. Anyway great site ladies!! I’ll book mark you and check in from time to time. PEACE!

    1. admin says:

      First off thank you for breakin down how you found us. Our plan is to keep track of such things for the first few months and then use all that data to improve upon the foundation. Second congrats on all the marathons! That’s serious business and if you attribute some of it to CHIA then we’re even more excited to be on this journey as well! Gonna look into Changa now too. Haven’t heard the word before at all, so this oughta be fun. Email us your address and we’ll send you a button for the heads up.
      Paz- Devoya
      ps. putting my seeds in the freezer now too. shooood.

  3. joy graves says:

    im going to buy some this weekend did u get them at health food store”’i will try
    for 30 days to see how i feel alwaylookin for positive change…. ty DEE”

    1. admin says:

      Yes, I bought them at Tower Health, but I’ve also seen them at Whole Foods in Fig Garden Village. We can compare notes this time next month! Now that I think of it, I bet Grandma Betty could of told us all this. If only we thought to ask:).

      1. joy graves says:

        lol yes grandma betty i bet did no , but im bought some and im with the 30 day trial.
        its day 3 and i notice i feel full i added the seeds to my oatmeal… lets see
        how i feel in a week…lol

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