Able + Baker & Wu-Tang Wednesdays

wu cookie cutter
Photo By: Devoya Mayo
Wu Cookie Cutter Made By: Able + Baker

Cookies rule everything around me (C.R.E.A.M). It’s really that simple. When I planned a Wu-Tang Tribute last year (with my Soulflower Group squadron) I knew cookies had to be involved. You can’t just roll in to cookware shops and find a cookie cutter worthy of such a task though. Which is why I had to reach out to the folks over at Able + Baker.

Mind you, this is not how they get down ordinarily. They’re more likely to be in the laboratory building amazing modern library book bins, designing furniture, tree houses and remodels. BUT they took time to listen to my needs and make the Wu- cookie cutter come to life. That counts for everything in my book and it’s why we’re featuring them now on our first installment of Wu-Wednesdays! That’s right each Wednesday one of us will share a Wu related story, image or the like, cuz HBG is for the children! Word.

Get to know Able+ Baker. Like them on Facebook. Tell them The Happy Black Girl sent you. Listen to Wu-Tang. All in that order. Bong Bong.- devoya

cookies rule
Photo By: Devoya Mayo
Wu Cookies









enter the wu tribute
Photo By: Joe Osejo
Soulflower Group Wu-Tang Tribute