HBG Celebrates Record Store Day

Saturday, April 20th was Record Store Day. All of us ( meaning all three contributors to this site) love wax! Since we each live in different cities, we each celebrated and supported accordingly. Here’s what I copped over at the local Rasputins in Fresno CA. Not bad for $7 right?! – devoya

record store day 2013

I was able to hit up two of my favorite shops this year for RSD: Deep Groove Records and Plan 9 Music in Richmond, VA.  All in all, I’m pretty satisfied.  I walked away with some decent albums to add to my collection.  -Valz


I got the jazz, along with some Janet (Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty) at Record City in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA. The price for my stack of vinyl was on point, with 20% off in honor of Record Store Day. Success, I say! – Starr*


1 thought on “HBG Celebrates Record Store Day

  1. dude on the bike says:

    i really enjoy the idea behind record store day. through my travels i have visited many, many record stores in cities far and near. it’s always a thrill walkin’ into a new joint and figuring out where ‘your’ goods are at. the kids of today are missing out with all the digital downloads – the thrill and anticipation of finding that ‘track’ is unbelievable. you never know what each store has to offer until you’re in and get your fingers dirty : )

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