Get hellacrafty & design your own packaging

Yellow has always been my color. It makes me happy when all else fails. Back in the day, when buying cards, I would swap the white envelopes they came with for the brightest color I could find. Of course yellow almost always won. One friend didn’t care for the practice and had the nerve to tell me that next time I mail her a card, could I please just put it in a white envelope. Ummm okay…Y’all know that chile ain’t seen a card from me since.

Funny thing is that conversation always stuck with me and rather than be bothered by it, it actually encouraged me to make sure my own cards and gift packaging had a more signature style to it. So now when I design crafts or paper treats I do so under the name Hellacrafty. More about that next time though.

For me, signature style doesn’t necessarily mean neatly wrapped, elegant or even expensive. I often feel that the cultural aesthetic I’m most drawn to is difficult to source, so rather than wait for the change, I grab a glue stick and make the change happen now.  I promise you this, once you start adding a little of yourself to your packaging  you’ll never look at a plain white envelope or a gift bag the same way ever again.- devoya

Want a hip hop inspired card? Making one might be your best option.
To make these all you’ll need is a gift bag, glue stick, image copied to photo paper, and a few markers.
Fresh cookies deserve fresh packaging. Print a photo you like (make sure it’s long enough lengthwise) and wrap it around your cookie tin like a band. Add a bow and there it is!

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