The Afronauts

Photo: Cristina De Middel's 'Afronauts'
Photo: Cristina De Middel’s ‘Afronauts’

About half a year ago on the internets (yes . . . “the internets”), I stumbled across a breathtaking photography feature via CNN, Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts: An African space fantasy. (I can already hear Cedric the Entertainer talkin’ bout, “Y’all movin’ to the moon? Damn it, WE comin’ to the moon!”)

But I digress . . . the works in Cristina’s cosmic series depict an imagined account of Zambia’s failed space program, back in the1960’s. It was teacher, Edward Makuka Nkoloso, who sought to compete with the United States and Russia in the space race. Word on the street is, insufficient funding along with a female astronaut’s sudden pregnancy, ultimately kept the program grounded.


But what if? Cristina’s beyond beautiful documentation satisfies this seemingly unattainable curiosity. Glimpses into this space expedition include galactic elephants, supa fly afronaunt gear, extraterrestrial encounters, and planetary exploration you can practically feel. Click here for the complete series viewing, then click “Projects“, then select “The Afronauts“.

And that’s where I thought this story ended. That is until this month, when OkayAfrica hipped me to Frances Bodomo’s short film ‘Afronauts’. And so the story evolves from print to film. This HBG has already exceeded her online kickstarter goal and we anxiously await her screening dates. Fear not, HBGs, we promise to transmit updates. We got you! – Starr*, Happy Black Girl

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