Kiarah & Denise “Set Fire to the Rain” & melt our hearts

There are some things I dislike admitting. Not because I’m ashamed of them, I just don’t like rocking the apple cart all the time, or even worse, having long discussions on the reasons behind said admissions.

Anyway, that’s kind of how I feel about Adele. I dislike admitting that I don’t necessarily enjoy her music. While I fully appreciate that she’s got an amazing range, obvious skills and seems to be a lovely woman, her sound never really does it for me. That was until this morning. I lucked upon this video which somehow eluded me last year and was just floored.  Two happy black girls belting out a cover of “Set fire to the rain”, an Adele song I hadn’t previously heard.

This is the sort of thing that encourages me to do better. Young girls need better options to model themselves after. Adele provided a genuine heartfelt positive one. No way am I not gonna be moved by that. I have no problem admitting it either.- dm