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In a lifetime ago (or so it seems) schools had resources that allowed them to help enrich the lives of students outside the classroom.  Now that may very well be inaccurate to some degree, but at least it’s the way it felt to me growing up in California.

Field-Trip-Permission-Slip-TemplateIn elementary school this usually translated by way of teachers sending permission slips home informing mama’s and mama’s mama’s all over my neighborhood that a field trip was planned. I rarely, if ever, cared about the destination.  All I knew was I’d get to travel to parts unknown, far and wide.  What I hadn’t realized at the time, was that I was building memories based on these trips. All aspects of the journey shaped the memory too. The music the bus driver played ( we had cool bus drivers back then) the packed lunch, the person sitting next to me, all that somehow seeped into my mental data bank and helped  shape my method of planning future endeavors.

As a grown up I’ve had the opportunity to travel a little here and there, but not as much recently. My pocketbook puts a damper on the kind of exploits I’d really like to get into, but I still plan smaller happenings to quench the thirst. All that means is I’ve tried to harness all the best parts of field trips and curate them into adult situations. When Starr and I embark on hosting field trips we lump them into two categories. Here’s the ever so delicate breakdown on what that actually means. Walk with me…

1). Field Trip:  A field trip can be taken anywhere so long as it enriches your knowledge, heart or head. These trips don’t necessarily have to lead you out of town either, but it’s nice if they do. Field Trips are open to those good people in our lives that wish to take advantage of the opportunity. Starr and I usually plan all the details cuz that’s how we roll and folks show up accordingly. As you can see below, even an impromptu trip to Ikea (180 miles from home) can be a field trip if you want it to be.

Now a Soul Survivor Road Trip on the other hand…

2). Soul Survivor Road Trip: These trips are vastly different from field trips. They’re fashioned down to the finest detail. Only certain folks can roll on a soul survivor journey. Mostly because they really are exactly what the name implies. Ain’t nothing worse than taking a road trip with someone who doesn’t understand the music being played or that rushing isn’t necessary or why it is you have a bottle of the good stuff packed right alongside an assortment of snacks,magazines and blankets (impromptu picnics).

Ultimately Soul Survivor Road Trips almost always have a musical element involved in them as well. Be it a trip to Dwele at Anthology in San Diego or D’Angelo at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. We seldom post the details of an SSRT until after its taken place either. Not that folk’s stay tryna be all up in the mix, but we’ve all had occasion to have a less informed road companion ruin a moment or two in our lives and I say, we curate every detail of these joints.

dwele at anthology.
A real life serenade courtesy of Dwele during a Soul Survivor Road Trip to San Diego. Swoon*

So there you have it, the HBG version of what field trips look like.  We’ll periodically post about our individual and joints trips here. We encourage y’all to invest in putting a trip or two together and then coming back and sharing the details with us. Shoood…let’s start a movement already!

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