Get to know an HBG!

Get to know an HBG!

Each week we’ll share a snippet with you about a Happy Black Girl we either know, admire, wanna know or all of the above. Since we seldom see ourselves portrayed as happy individuals we felt it only fitting that we curate a space where that’s all you get!

Name/ Nickname: Sanaa and Sunni Bunni ( her exact answer)

Age: 3

Where do you live?: In a house

 1. What’s something you like doing when you’re happy?

 I smile.

  2. Of all the colors in the world, which ones do you think make you feel the best?

Red. Cranberries are red.

 3. What’s something that you would like to learn that you think will make you happy?

To draw. I’m gonna make a rainbow painting for you.

4. Name some happy sounds.

An elephant. A giraffe. Doobey laughing is a happy sound. (Doobey is her brother Solomon)

5. In the picture attached describe what you’re doing and how it made you feel.

Happy like I’m flying.

happy re. imagined



4 thoughts on “Get to know an HBG!

  1. dude on the bike says:

    even at 43, kites still make me smile. . .

  2. Christy says:

    She is sooo sweet!..I love her replies…she is one Happy Black Girl! (hearts and smiles)

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