28 Day Hug

My cycle’s been all over the place for the last 8 months. At first I thought it was a combination of stress and changing birth control pills, but now I’ve come to the conclusion it’s probably health related. When I say all over the place what I really mean is I have my period once every two weeks. Which also means, I’m bloated most all the time, weepy at any given moment and tired…tired…tired. Oh wait, lemme not forget moody. That might be the biggest upset for me. I’m a self proclaimed HBG and being moody really has taken its toll on my mental.

So y’all know I was overjoyed when I stumbled  on 28 Day Hug. The idea of coming home to find a little comfort while I figure all this out is right on time. Just placed my first order today. Oh and I made a real life Dr’s Appointment too. The combination of a hug in the form of a gift and a proper diagnosis are both just around the corner.- dm HUG