HBG Custom Made Greeting Cards

HBG CARD SETYep…we send mail.  It’s simple really. If you want some, you gotta send some. That’s not the only reason though. The actual act of sitting down and putting pen to paper has always been very relaxing ( to me anyway). Over the years I’ve written and received more mail than most of my counterparts. It started early on in life. Not surprisingly, I was one of those girls who passed notes in class to friends in odd shapes with stickers all over them.

By the time I was in High School I’d tired of the limited stationery options our local hallmark store offered. I was mad into clipping out pictures of Duran Duran, Prince and The Time and taping them to just about everything. I remember the first piece of custom stationery I made was a photo of Morrissey that I’d cut out and strategically taped to a piece of lined paper. I took it to my local copy center and made copies on yellow paper. It was great! In retrospect it may have been the catalyst for all the craftiness that was soon to follow. At any rate, creating  custom cards, stickers and pretty paper has remained a favorite past time to this day. It especially feeds my need for culturally significant ephemera. Let’s face it, not everything we crave is available, so you either go without, or you go about creating it.

We’ve got a few paper treats available in the HBG Store. Swing on by and take a look. You might find something you like, or even better you might be inspired to create your own. – dm