Vinyl Sunday – Jeanius

Artist:  Jean Grae Album:  Jeanius Release Date: July 2008 Music:   Jean Grae is a woman who hopefully needs little to no introduction.  She’s one of best emcees on the planet…

Suckafree Sunday: MADE

I was speaking with my friend Ome recently about collaborative work. Then Made happened to cross my path and I knew I had to share it with y’all. It’s a…

The Bee & The Stamen . . . and the King

The flowers in my hood are are in bloom, and these itchy eyes and sneeze attacks are borderline torturous. All this carrying on means, happy springtime, ya’ll. And if I…

Ch Ch Ch Chia

Guess what I bought last week? Yep, my very own $10 bag of Chia Seeds. My friend Deanna’s been telling me how great they are for over a year now….

Quick Crafts: Boykins Bag

Once a week I pick up lunch for work from Colorado Grill for the boss. His motto is, if I fly, he’ll buy. The grill packs everything in these plain large white…

Able + Baker & Wu-Tang Wednesdays

Cookies rule everything around me (C.R.E.A.M). It’s really that simple. When I planned a Wu-Tang Tribute last year (with my Soulflower Group squadron) I knew cookies had to be involved….

The Afronauts

About half a year ago on the internets (yes . . . “the internets”), I stumbled across a breathtaking photography feature via CNN, Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts: An African space fantasy….