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The Afronauts

About half a year ago on the internets (yes . . . “the internets”), I stumbled across a breathtaking photography feature via CNN, Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts: An African space fantasy….

Farmers’ Market Funk

This HBG made me and my husband smile (love the pink bows). Gettin’ funky to Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’ at the Farmers’ Market. Can you hear that 8-note bassline in E♭…

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Have you ever wanted to see a film so badly that you were willing to take a road trip to another city for it?  That’s how I feel each and…

Get to know an HBG!

Get to know an HBG! Each week we’ll share a snippet with you about a Happy Black Girl we either know, admire, wanna know or all of the above. Since…

The Pool Players

it wasn’t cold enough for a coat but i rocked one anyway. that’s what i do when the idea of ironing is way more complicated than it needs to be….

We laugh loudly

We Happy Black Girls always seem to laugh loudly. My friend Ronald Dzerigian once dated a girl who proclaimed that I laugh with my whole mouth. I’ve never forgotten that. I know…