Get On The Bus w/ Us!

The Happy Black Girl, in conjunction with Joy Graves XStream Travel, are pleased to announce our first ever HBG Holiday Field Trip.

Join us Saturday November 21, 2015 for an excursion to the city of San Francisco. Our departure from Fresno begins at 7:30am. Guests are invited to browse the city for holiday shopping, galleries, museums or whatever else the heart desires.

The XStream Tour Bus will make stops at Union Square & Fisherman’s Wharf. All are welcome to depart at either of these stops to enjoy said locations. Folks are also welcome to explore beyond these two sites via public transit, taxi, uber or walking.

Union Square, San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco

The Happy Black Girl will provide handouts to all guests with activity options and suggestions on where to visit. We’ll be hosting an HBG raffle during the trip and providing a soundtrack (we still rock mix tapes) for the first 25 paid guests.

We invite all participants to meet us at the end of your adventure for some tasty farm fesh soul food at our favorite spot “Farmerbrown before heading back to Fresno.

farmer browns


We encourage interested parties to contact Joy Graves of XStream Travel at (559) 217- 5894 or Devoya custom jerseys Mayo at (559) 367-9659 to reserve your seat today for the low cost of $40 per person. Don’t forget to mention The Happy Black Girl to be entered into that dope raffle.



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Devoya Mayo is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

Get To Know An HBG is her favorite column to write.

You can contact her directly at

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