National Ice Cream Day: Treat yourself to this!

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day and if you happened to miss out, like yours truly, treat yourself to this… cheap authentic jerseys Last month we introduced you to <a href="http://www actos” target=”_blank”>Taharka Brothers Ice Cream and a newly premiered ray ban outlet short documentary, ‘A Dream Preferred‘ which chronicled their quest to bring delectable ice cream and community activism to the city of Baltimore (click here to peep our previous post).

Well, we received the exciting word directly from Taharka Bros. that the film is now available for viewing online!!! I watched this last night, and it left me feeling hopeful, happy and mad hungry for some Taharka Bros. Ice Cream. Everything about this documentary is extremely well done. I know you’ll dig it too. HBGs (Happy Black Girls AND Guys) for meaningful change, unite!!




Starr Lopez is Co-Creator of The Happy Black Girl

You can contact her directly at

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