When Doves Get Real Sad

Troy Gua takes art, design, ideas and admiration to ray ban sunglasses a whole new level y’all. I’ve been following his efforts via <a href="https://www.facebook redirected here.com/troygua?fref=tl_fr_box&pnref=lhc.friends” target=”_blank”>Facebook for a couple of years now. I found him by way of his Le Petite Prince ( LPP) Calendar (which I proudly own thanks to Starr) and was beyond heartbroken when I learned that he was served with a cease and desist letter from “you know who”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please click Le’ link and make yourself comfortable.

Just so you understand the scope of the mans work | LPP By Troy G

Just so you understand the scope of the mans work | LPP By Troy G

In recent month’s, I’ve noticed Gua continues to keep the dream alive. I respect his drive and understand the necessity immensely. When you feel called to create or Cheap NFL Jerseys share something as dope as LPP I can’t imagine it’s easy stifling that part of yourself.  I see folks continually make comments about how he should just do this, or do that online daily. I can’t imagine having to juggle all those variables on top of being passionate about art. Let alone dealing with an Icon like Prince and not having him be on board with the outcome. It’s the kind of stuff that births what I have to share with y’all now.

The lovely Mi Mi Zulu of Low Lights in San Diego hit me with this earlier, because she understands the purple love and I just lost it! It’s a brilliantly stylized short film that explains and captures everything about this entire situation much better than I can. Please, dig if you will Gua’s vision and if you have time let him know you appreciate his hard work in the comments section.



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